Self Awareness

A human’s body is made up of billions of cells. Each one of the cell has a function and role to play in the totality of the body’s welfare. They all coordinate and work together. I really admire the coordination; but most importantly, who each cell uniquely plays a unique role. This can only be possible when each cell knows what to do, when and how what it is. I was amazed to learn even the human hair is made up of cells. If that’s so, it is obvious that hair cells, which form the hair shaft are aware of themselves; this is what differentiates them from skin cells.

In the same way, each human being has a unique role to play and a purpose to accomplish. We are not the same. We have different destinies. How then can we perform our roles better and effectively? By being self aware. When you understand who you are, what you were born to do and when, then you are aware of yourself. When you don’t, you are dysfunctional and not adding any value to the world. Henceforth, seek to understand yourself. Find yourself, then start doing what you were meant to do.

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